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Husky Seed Fund FAQs

How much does the staff or faculty member on your project need to be involved?

While there are no specific requirements for the mentor from the council, keep in mind that projects take significant effort and time, and require connectivity across the UW. Mentor involvement will differ for each project; it is helpful to discuss your roles, time commitment, meeting frequency, communication and expected contributions early on.

How long do you have to use the funds?

One year; awards are granted in May and you must use them by May of the following year.

If you are graduating this June, can you apply?

At least one member of the group must be a student enrolled throughout the next academic year.

How are the funds disbursed?

Disbursement of funds will depend on each individual project. The finance team from the Office of Provost will meet with you and help map out the frequency of disbursement based on the timing of your project expenditures.

Are there any restrictions on what the funds can be used for?

The funds must be related to your project. In the past, funds have been used to purchase everything from GPS equipment to mixing services from an audio engineer. However, for any equipment purchased with funds, this equipment is not for personal use and must remain at the University of Washington after you graduate. The council will examine at your justification for funds and allocated proportion of funding.

How close can the project be to a similar program?

It’s okay for projects to build on something else, but projects must also have some differentiating factor.

What do you mean in terms of project sustainability?

The council wants you to see that you are thinking about the long-term goals of your project beyond the funding period.

Can projects raise additional funds?

Projects are permitted to have additional funding from other sources.

Can the project be already underway?

Yes. However, funding from the Husky Seed Fund requires that your project has a specific, new component that isn’t already being done.

What is weighted in each round?

Application happens in two rounds; typically, six initial applications are advanced as finalists. In both rounds, the council is looking for projects that are well-articulated and well-defined. We want you to leave little doubt in our minds as to how you will actually execute the project. In the finalist round, you must provide more detailed information about budget, timeline, any team members and your faculty or staff mentor.