“We have learned a lot about invertebrates and the ecology of what’s going on in the Mediterranean regarding climate change.”
-Giovana Ramos

In November 2022, Governor Jay Inslee made a surprise visit to the UW Rome Center. During his visit, Governor Inslee interviewed Kenneth Sebens, Professor of Biology in the UW Department of Biology and Professor in the School of Aquatic and Fishery Sciences in the UW College of the Environment, and Giovana Ramos, a senior at the University of Washington studying Biology (Physiology), about a new study abroad program in Rome.

The Ecology of the Mediterranean Sea (Biology), the first UW Study Abroad program to be sponsored by the Department of Biology in Rome, offered 15 UW students the opportunity to take courses on the Ecology of the Mediterranean Sea, Science Writing: The Environment, and Introduction to Italian during the Autumn 2022 quarter. Students participated in six field trips to coastal locations, including snorkeling and underwater photography.

Governor Inslee then continued on to Egypt to the 2022 United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP 27).

Videographer: The Office of the Governor


Yellow corals under the sea

Corals, Isola Ventotene, Italy (Photographer: Kenneth Sebens)

Student snorkeling

Snorkeling, Island of Ischia, Italy (Photographer: Emily Ruiz)

Orange and white fish under the sea

Fish, Isola Ventotene, Italy (Photographer: Kenneth Sebens)