UW Rome Center

We need your help

The UW Rome Center has served generations of students, offering some of their most valuable and personally transformative UW experiences. Experiencing Rome with Palazzo Pio as a home-away-from-home is a unique and life-changing opportunity for students. 

We’ve recently completed five years of renovations that were designed to equip the historic palazzo with the latest in teaching and learning resources, while protecting its priceless historical legacy. Our space, which means so much to the UW Rome Center community, has been beautifully revived and enhanced with critical updates to the structure; electrical and mechanical works; important fire safety prevention measures; as well as new lighting, flooring and educational technology.

The renovations maximized educational space and our space now promises to ensure transformative global experiences for students and one-of-a-kind teaching and research opportunities for faculty, for generations to come in the heart of Rome.

Improvements to classrooms and learning spaces now ensure that faculty may continue to create and students may continue to experience innovative and transformational global teaching and research.

To expand the accessibility of study abroad, the UW Rome Center urgently needs your support to provide additional scholarships for students in order to improve access for the next – and increasingly diverse – generation of UW students to experience the UW Rome Center.

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With your support of scholarships, the UW Rome Center will be hosting a projected 500 students in 2023.

Follow along with renovation updates on our construction blog!