UW Rome Center

We need your help to make essential renovations

The UW Rome Center has served generations of students, offering some of their most valuable and personally transformative UW experiences. Experiencing Rome with Palazzo Pio as a home-away-from-home is a unique and life-changing opportunity for students. Critical improvements to classrooms and learning spaces will ensure that faculty may continue to create and students may continue to experience innovative and transformational global teaching and research in the future.

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To continue our work, the UW Rome Center urgently needs essential renovations and upgrades to the historic palazzo. We have already begun this work, and with your support, we can complete the project by 2023 and host significantly more students in the coming years.

Additional scholarships for students will improve access for the next – and increasingly diverse – generation of UW students to experience the UW Rome Center.

With your support of scholarships and critical infrastructure investments, the UW Rome Center will be hosting a projected 500 students per year by 2023.

Follow along with renovation updates on our construction blog!