UW Rome Center

January 29, 2020

A terrace for all!

We are making progress! We reconfigured and swapped some classroom and apartment spaces in order to create quieter bedrooms (many complained about the Campo de’ Fiori noise levels in the bedroom of faculty apartment C). Walls for the new bedrooms, kitchen and bathroom of faculty apartment have been built, and the living room will be located in a former classroom space.

The apartment’s former bedroom is now a seminar room with a nice terrace. We’re especially excited about this change because it provides access to the terrace for the entire UW Rome Center community (rather than just for the occupant of the apartment, as it was before).

There are some delays to the completion of the 1st floor. We expected it to be complete in December, but we are now anticipating that it will be done in May.

However, our fire safety plans have been approved by the fire department and work on electrical (for lighting, sockets and internet) and HVAC systems is underway!

Next up for construction after the 1st floor is complete is the 3rd floor. Construction documents are being developed so that we are ready to go when the first phase is complete.