UW Rome Center

February 22, 2017

University of Washington Communications Cooking Class in Rome

Last week the Communications program participated in a cooking class, and students highlighted this experience as one of their favorites so far! Below are some excerpts and photos which students shared about making the fabulous 4 course Italian meal from scratch.

Group photo

“Last week, I was given the opportunity to learn how to make homemade pasta. My peers and I went to a cooking school called Cooking Classes in Rome where we learned how to make Roman-style artichokes, gnocchi and fettuccine with ragu Bolognese, and traditional tiramisu.” -Katherine Gleason

3 courses

The kitchen looked like it came straight out of a Food Network magazine, it was covered in stainless steel with dried herbs hanging near the ceiling and a large table completely covered with all the ingredients we needed.The best part however, was not the simply scrumptious tiramisu or the perfectly steamed artichokes, but the camaraderie that we strengthened with our classmates and with our professors. It was the understanding we formed about the history and significance of the food we created that made the food even more special. Moments like these make me appreciate having been selected to participate in this study abroad program.” -Kristin Lee

ArtichokesKristin Lee

Someone was rolling the dough through a mechanism to make the dough thinner and smoother. Once it was smooth it was transferred to a pasta guitar. That is the actual name of the contraption. It is quite easy to operate. All you do is roll the already thin dough until it is level with the wires, and then you pluck the strings. The pasta falls right down.” -Lyndsey Brollini

Rolling pasta

Pasta process

Studying abroad is all about trying new things and moving out of your comfort zone, so I did and I loved it.” -Ashley Brooke

Fresh ArtichokesFresh ingredients