UW Rome Center

January 23, 2017

Haoru Deng, Senior in the JSIS Winter 2017 Program Shares Her Experience Abroad

Haoru Deng is a Senior at the University of Washington and is here in Rome with the JSIS program for 2 months. The program will stay until the beginning of March, and already the students have had some unique cultural experiences abroad. Below Haoru shares some of her favorite memories from the first half of her program trip.

“The first week, our class went on a field trip to the Roman Forum, where we found the perfect spot for a picture of the Colosseo.”


“The week after, our class took a trip to Ostia Antica and some of us decided to go down to the beach.”


Last week, the JSIS program was able to visit the Turkish Embassy in Rome and “we had the privilege of having afternoon tea with the Ambassador!” The students posed many insightful questions to the Ambassador and were able to hear the official Turkish viewpoint on a number of important political topics.



A group of the students were able to go to a Roma Soccer game that Rome won 4-0 last week! Soccer

Overall, Haoru has had a wonderful time, learning a great deal from the field trips and classes she’s experienced with her program, and the day trips and events she has planned with friends. She cannot wait to share more about the second half of her trip with the JSIS program.