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Auto-Holds on Processed FAs

Issue: When the parent application is changed for an FA that is in Processed status, compliance auto-holds may appear, depending on the data in the new parent application. The process of applying auto-holds does not check the FA’s status when it is re-parented. Since the FA is not editable when in Processed status, the holds cannot be removed.

The system should either not allow re-parenting of processed FAs, or not apply auto-holds when a processed FA is re-parented. The appropriate fix based on business processes needs to be determined.

November 2012


  • Automatic holds will be applied to funding actions when either training requirements or disclosure requirements have not been met
  • Ensure correct values appear for SFI on control sheet
  • New JIT functionality for FCOI
    • OSP can trigger JIT notifications in SPAERC
    • JIT notifications will be sent to
      • Any investigators who have not yet taken training
      • Any investigators who have not yet completed disclosures (important for existing eGC1s)
      • Preparers and Owners to let them know that JIT has been invoked, and that they need to make sure that everyone who should be listed on the eGC1 personnel page is actually listed there
  • JIT will trigger the status change from “Waiting for JIT” to “Review Required”  this is on the PI and Personnel page as well as in FIDS.
  • JIT notifications are not sent for RRF sponsored applications at the time FA is created.
  • Biennium field added to FA’s and PAC’s as optional to fill out.


  • A bug was fixed to correct an Orphan session issue where when a subcontract item was opened and then the FA was opened from the subcontract page the subcontract will no longer stay open in the background. This solves one area where the user had a stale session and a 45 minute lock on the subcontract item.
  • Data clean up on some FA’s that were previously marked as duplicate that were accidentally changed to Processed. We are returning them to their duplicate status. This is to help with the EDW work.


October 2011 Release Notes


Holds: New screen design for Holds now displays compliance versus non-compliance holds. Automatic compliance holds implemented for new FA’s and a subset of new PAC’s(Extension and Advance Extension types) where application is the parent(FA)/grandparent(PAC).


  • Flyout navigation issues have been fixed.
  • Fixed Error 99 that occurred due to selecting and deselecting requested changes (Admin Actions Subtypes) in a PAC.
  • Fix to properly display subcontracts for budgets in OSP. Previously, Budgets were showing subcontract when there were none (issue in OSP only).


  • Reduced Responsibility email notification has been built and ready to go out when a person is placed in RRD status. Note: Communication will not go out to campus until GIM 38 is released to the public.
  • School of Medicine has a new Human Subjects compliance sub question HS-1-B. This compliance question will generate a message to let you know what type of Clinical Research Budget & Billing Support Office (CRBB) review is needed. This question is triggered only for eGC1s which involve the use of human subjects, and will appear once the Project Type and HSD Application type are selected.