October 2011 Release Notes


Holds: New screen design for Holds now displays compliance versus non-compliance holds. Automatic compliance holds implemented for new FA’s and a subset of new PAC’s(Extension and Advance Extension types) where application is the parent(FA)/grandparent(PAC).


  • Flyout navigation issues have been fixed.
  • Fixed Error 99 that occurred due to selecting and deselecting requested changes (Admin Actions Subtypes) in a PAC.
  • Fix to properly display subcontracts for budgets in OSP. Previously, Budgets were showing subcontract when there were none (issue in OSP only).


  • Reduced Responsibility email notification has been built and ready to go out when a person is placed in RRD status. Note: Communication will not go out to campus until GIM 38 is released to the public.
  • School of Medicine has a new Human Subjects compliance sub question HS-1-B. This compliance question will generate a message to let you know what type of Clinical Research Budget & Billing Support Office (CRBB) review is needed. This question is triggered only for eGC1s which involve the use of human subjects, and will appear once the Project Type and HSD Application type are selected.