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To submit your Composing subaward request, select the Submit button at the bottom of the page. The system will validate your subaward request to ensure that you have completed all of the required fields.

If required information is missing, the subaward details page will re-display with a list of validation messages.

If you’ve entered all required information, the page will refresh and you will see a submission confirmation. Your subaward is now at “In OSP” status, and is read-only. The following image shows the confirmation message.

submission success message

Note: If your request is in Withdrawn or Returned status, then the button’s label is Resubmit. The same validation check will occur for required information.

When you resubmit a Returned request, you must enter a comment.

You can create a new Subaward Request if you have the Subaward Preparer ASTRA role for SAGE. Review the Subaward Access and Permissions  article for details.

To create a new request, enter SAGE and select the Subawards tab. On the upper right of the page, select the Create New Subaward button. A New Subaward Request details page will display.

You can save your initial draft at any time. There are no fields required to do a save. When you save it for the first time, the system will assign your request a unique number.

To save your draft, you can either use the Save Draft and Close button at the bottom of the page or select “Back to My Subawards” in the breadcrumb.

Note: You can delete a request that is in Composing status. This removes it entirely from SAGE. Use the trash can icon on the upper-right of the page to delete your subaward.

You can also display the Manage Access Page by selecting the Manage Access button on the upper right of the page. Manage Access allows you to grant read-only or read/write access to your subaward.

To submit your new request to OSP, you will need to complete a number of required fields. Some fields will not be editable until you have selected your eGC1. The system will pre-populated other fields from the eGC1.

The following sections describe these steps.

eGC1 Selection

Use the Look Up eGC1 button to select the appropriate Approved or Awarded eGC1 for your subaward request. The following image shows this button.

new subaward e g c 1 lookup

You can search by eGC1 Number, PI Name (last, first), or Short Title. Select an application’s number to choose it.

Note: the results list displays the 25 most recent eGC1s. If you do not see yours, try refining your search.

e g c 1 lookup results list

Once you select an eGC1, its number will display in the Subaward Request Details section. The Project Title and Project Short Title fields will populate from the application’s Full Application Title and Short Title. These values are not editable. If you change the selected eGC1, these fields will automatically update with that application’s values.

details from selected e g c 1

The UW PI Name, Email, and Phone fields in the Subaward Contacts section will also populate from the selected eGC1. These fields are editable while the request is in Composing status.

Subrecipient Selection

Use the Look Up Subrecipient button to search for and select the subrecipient. You can search by any part of the subrecipient’s name or its type (for example: foundation, private industry, non-profit). the following image shows the subrecipient search dialog.

choose subrecipient dialog

Click on a Subrecipient Name to select it. The following image shows a partial list of search results.

example of subrecipients results list

Note:  the results list displays the first 25 subrecipients. If you do not see yours, refine your search.

You must select a valid subrecipient prior to submitting your subaward request to OSP.

If you cannot find the subrecipient you’re looking for, send an email request to ospsubs@uw.edu with the subject line “New Subrecipient.”

When you’ve selected your subrecipient, you will see a link for changing the subrecipient.

Funding Action (FA) Selection

After you have selected the eGC1, use the Look Up Funding Action button to select the FA for this subaward. Only Funding Actions associated with the selected eGC1 will display. Click the FA Number to select it. The following image shows an example results list.

select funding action dialog

On the subaward, the FA Start Date, FA End Date, and FA Amount fields display just below the FA number. You cannot edit these fields. If needed, use the link to change the Funding Action.

The Request Start DateRequest End Date, and Request Amount fields will display once you select the FA. You must enter values for these fields before submitting your request. The following image shows the Funding Action related fields.

request date and amount fields

Additional Fields

The remaining fields are described in the following table.

Field Description
Period Amount This amount must be greater than zero, but not greater than the Funding Action amount.
Do you anticipate a multi-year subaward? If Yes, two additional fields will display

  • Estimated Project End Date
  • Estimated Project Amount; required for submission.
If allowed by the prime award, is automatic carry forward authorized by the PI? Select Yes, No, or Not Applicable/Not Allowed; required for submission.
Purchase Order Number (CR/BPO) Enter just the number; required for issuance.
Special Terms or Instructions for OSP Enter any additional information.

The following image shows this part of the subaward request.

additional fields for the subaward


You must include an attachment to submit your request. Review the attachments article for how to upload your document. OSP requires specific documents for new requests. The Setup page for Subawards article describes the required documents.

Subaward Contacts

The contacts article covers how to manage the subaward contacts.

Save or Submit

At the bottom of the page you can select either Save Draft and Close or Submit.

If you have not yet completed filling in all of the required information, select Save Draft and Close to save all of your data and return to the My Subawards page.

Selecting Submit validates whether you have completed all required fields. If not, the page will display any validation messages about missing information.

If all required information is there, the submission will complete and the Subaward Overview page will display, with a confirmation of the submission and status change.

A subaward is a formal legal agreement between the UW and another organization. For additional information on policy, review the UW Research Subawards material.

There are two types of subawards:

  • Outgoing subaward: UW portions some work to another institution.
  • Incoming subaward: Awarded institution portions some work to UW.

SAGE Subawards is for outgoing subawards only.

When UW portions work out to another institution, that institution is referred to as the subrecipient.

The Subaward Access and Permissions article describes who can create or edit subawards and subaward actions.

How do I use a different benefit rate for a subcontractor at a different institution?

Add a subaward type worksheet to your budget, using the Add Worksheet link in the left navigation menu.

You can then edit the benefit rate for any added personnel.

How do I budget for a subcontract in SAGE Budget and set the correct F&A rate?

Add a subaward type worksheet to your budget. Use the F&A section of the worksheet’s settings to enter the appropriate values.

Refer to your sponsor documentation to make sure you are applying F&A according to their specifications.