September 2017 SAGE Maintenance Release

AUMS Application

Annual Health Assessment Application Tracking

In order to streamline and automate manual application processes for AHA (Annual Health Assessments) tracking, the EHS Occupational Nurses will now be able to track AHA applications using the AUMS (Animal Use Medical Screening) system.

From the OHN administration module, nurses will now see an additional new button to be used when initiating an AHA application. Clicking the AHA application button will result in the creation of an Application ID with an AHA prefix, for easy visual identification on the Task list.

From the Task list, the nurses will also now be able to filter for AUMS, AHA, and any/all application types.

AUMS Status Handling Changes

The AUMS OHN application now has a few changes to status tracking, to better facilitate the nurse’s workflow.

The “In Review Process” status has been de-activated. When applications are opened in the OHN module, the status will no longer automatically change. Nurses will now need to change the status manually when they move an application through the review process.