Will I be notified when I need to renew my medical clearance?

You will be able to view your recall date in the Applicant History section of AUMS.

When will my AUMS clearance expire?

AUMS expiration is normally set at three years. At the discretion of the Occupational Health Nurses, expiration can be set for a shorter time frame. Please note that even if you decline to participate, you must complete and submit the AUMS application every three years.

How will I be notified when I have received medical clearance?

You will receive an email message when the review is completed. For your protection, the message will contain a link back to the online AUMS tool where you may log in to see the results of the review.

What happens if I choose not to participate in the screening?

You must fill out an application stating that you decline to participate. Not being screened could lead to unforeseen medical concerns. If you change your mind, you may fill out another application.

How will my privacy be protected? Who will see this information?

The information you provide is confidential and will not be shared with people in your unit or your supervisors. Only the EH&S Occupational Health Nurses will have access to the applications.

What happens when I submit my online AUMS application?

Applications are routed to the Environmental Health and Safety (EH&S) Occupational Health Nurses for review.

I occasionally go into labs with animals, but I don’t handle them. Do I have to fill out an AUMS form?

Yes. You should complete an application.

What is AUMS?

The animal use medical screening (AUMS) is a component of the UW Occupational Health Program. The purpose of this screening is to evaluate and to address potential health risks that may be associated with work activities in the animal care and use environment. The screening follows guidelines and requirements from the Association for the Assessment and Accreditation of Laboratory Animal Care, International (AAALAC) and the UW Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC).


Who can I contact for help?

Send an email to aumshelp@uw.edu or call the ORIS Support Desk at 206-685-8335.

What do I need to access the online AUMS application?

You only need a UW NetID to access the online application at https://washington.edu/research/tools/aums/. If you do not have a UW NetID, more information can be located through UW-IT at https://itconnect.uw.edu/tools-services-support/access-authentication/uw-netids/about-uw-netids/. You may also request a paper application by emailing the Occupational Health Nurses at emphlth@uw.edu

How can I change how my name is listed?

While AUMS includes both your legal and directory names in the online application, your legal name will be used for official documentation. Unless you change your legal name through Human Resources, you will not be able to change the name on the medical clearance letter.

How can I change an application I’ve already submitted?

A submitted application cannot be recalled. You will need to submit another application.