Population Health

Spotlight on key issues

A multitude of factors impact how long and how well we live. The University of Washington seeks to collaboratively address the most persistent and emerging challenges in population health — including key issues like those featured here.

Poverty and childhood health

Your early years set the stage for your life. Children who live in poverty have less access to medical care, nutrition and high-quality early education — the foundations for lifelong health. Learn how the UW is working to understand the ripple effects of childhood poverty — and using that research to create better futures for all children.

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Location and lifespan

How long we live is affected by where we live. Learn what the UW is doing to understand why people in some regions of the United States and the world have a shorter expected lifespan, and how the University is using that research to improve the length and quality of everyone’s lives.

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Maternal health

For many women around the world — including here in the United States — having a baby isn’t as safe as it should be. Learn what the UW is doing to better understand what causes disparities in pregnancy risks and use that research to improve the health of mothers everywhere.

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COVID-19 unequal impacts

COVID-19 has disproportionately affected Black, Native, Latino and Pacific Islander Americans because of systemic inequities in housing, jobs, education and health care. Learn how the UW is studying the pandemic’s unequal burden on some communities — and using that research to improve health outcomes for everyone, everywhere.

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