Population Health

Admissions process

Five new students will be accepted into the certificate per year, with a maximum of 10 students enrolled at any one time. This certificate will take approximately two years to complete.

Admission standards

Graduate and professional students from any University of Washington department who are in good academic standing will be eligible for acceptance into this certificate program.

University of Washington graduate, professional, or graduated non-matriculated student status is required for admission.

Graduate non-matriculated students will need to meet minimum requirements for admission to the University of Washington Graduate School.

Application process

Students seeking admission to the certificate program will submit a resume/CV, unofficial transcript and a short, written statement of interest to the certificate program coordinator articulating their personal and professional goals and how this certificate will support attainment of those goals.

The certificate program coordinator and faculty director will complete a holistic review of the applicant pool to assess factors such as grade point average, demonstrated interest in humanitarian work, applicable professional experience in the field and quality of written statement.

Application timeline

Applications are currently being accepted on a rolling basis. Please contact us with questions.