Population Health

July 2, 2024

Initiative jointly funds two spring 2024 Innovation Gap Fund projects with CoMotion

A tablet sits on top of a stack of books in a classroomThe University of Washington Population Health Initiative announced with CoMotion the joint funding of two Innovation Gap Funds of $50,000 each. This $100,000 in collective funding will support projects that simultaneously support the UW’s vision for improving population health while also fulfilling the CoMotion Innovation Fund’s goal of enabling research that will achieve sustainable commercial or social impact.

The first funded project is Colleague.AI: An AI Assistant for Educators. This project seeks to refine an artificial intelligence-driven assistant that supports K-12 by improving instructional quality, personalizing education and reducing teachers’ workload stress, with the goal of ultimately advancing student learning outcomes.

The second funded project is Simba Discovery: Developing a Vaccine for Urinary Tract Infections. This project seeks to develop a safe and effective vaccine for urinary tract infections through rigorous preclinical research and Investigational New Drug-enabling studies.

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