Population Health

January 31, 2023

Early Fall Start 2023 course will explore social entrepreneurship and population health in India

Sign for study abroad sessions with a student in the backgroundThe Population Health Initiative and University of Washington Honors Program have partnered to offer, “Social Entrepreneurship and Population Health in India,” an Honors Early Fall Start study abroad opportunity. This program will run from August 19 to September 8, 2023, and be led by Alissa Bilfield of the School of Public Health and Akhtar Badshah of the Evans School of Public Policy and Governance and UW Bothell.

This three-week immersive program will examine social entrepreneurship in population health in India. Students will explore concepts related to population health, such as an understanding of how health and well-being are impacted by multiple overlapping and intersecting factors and the role that social innovation and entrepreneurship can play in helping to realize positive societal impact.

The program begins with a stay in Bengaluru with an introduction to the Ashoka Foundation, the organization that originated the modern concept of social entrepreneurship. Students will learn about the history and evolution of social entrepreneurship through the work of the Ashoka and others, including direct engagement with social entrepreneurs who are innovating to address population health issues.

The second stage of the program will be in Ladakh, India, where students will learn about social entrepreneurship in the Himalayas through the Naropa Fellowship. Students will apprentice with fellows and alumni of the program to understand how social entrepreneurs have used their training to address population health issues unique to rural mountain communities. While in Ladakh, students will also have the opportunity to immerse themselves in the unique Ladakhi culture and climate through visits to monasteries and hikes in the surrounding area.

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