Population Health

September 28, 2022

Making the switch to e-cigarettes leads to holistic health benefits for adult smokers

Image of adults running outdoorsA new study from the University of Washington sought to determine whether adult smokers might experience multiple health and well-being benefits by switching to e-cigarettes. Their results showed an overall positive effect on the health of smokers after making this switch in their adult life.

The researchers drew from the Seattle Social Development Project, which was a larger longitudinal study that began in 1985. They surveyed 156 of the participants from that project who reported smoking at age 30 and smoking or vaping at age 39 to track behaviors among smokers who switch to e-cigarettes later in life. In general, they found that those who made the switch reported better physical and mental health, more positive and frequent social engagement and better education and income levels.

Although their research demonstrates positive health results for adults who switch from smoking to vaping, the researchers stressed the negative impacts of vaping for people who did not previously smoke. E-cigarettes are generally a public health issue, especially among younger people, potentially leading to cancer-causing particles in the lungs and a propensity toward cigarette smoking in the future. However, the results of this study show the healthy lifestyle choices that can accompany smokers who make the decision to switch to vaping, benefitting their holistic health and wellbeing.

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