Population Health

July 21, 2022

Interdisciplinary course at UW Bothell employs critical approach to disability studies

Girl in wheelchair playing sports“Disability Representation in Society” is one of the many interdisciplinary courses the University of Washington Bothell offers to first-year students as part of its Diversity Core program. Taught by Dr. Mo West, this course is designed to introduce students to the multidisciplinary field of critical disability studies through an approach that builds skills that will translate to any field a student chooses to pursue.

The course is a combination of reading the historical and current works of scholars and activists, analyzing films and television series that cast people with disabilities and promoting discussion through a critical lens. Students are exposed to the multiple forms of oppression that people with disabilities face beyond the physical impacts of their disability and are encouraged to recognize and demonstrate methods of dismantling this oppression through their class projects.

This course is part of UW Bothell’s commitment to creating a more diverse and inclusive society through the Discovery Core program. By elevating marginalized voices and educating students on the realities of ableism, West’s course ultimately allows students the opportunity to embrace diversity and build skills that help them identify and act on injustices throughout their education and career.

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