Population Health

February 15, 2022

Population Health Social Entrepreneurship Fellowship applications due April 1

Image of student engaged with a virtual reality headsetThe University of Washington Population Health Initiative is partnering for another year with the Buerk Center for Entrepreneurship, CoMotion and the Evans School for the summer 2022 Social Entrepreneurship Fellows Program. Applications will be accepted now through Friday, April 1, 2022.

The program offers $10,000 each to a multidisciplinary group of graduate or professional students for the summer, as the four students explore social enterprise models that could support innovations developed by UW researchers for a range of projects. The projects are focused on finding innovative ways to maintain the balance between financial sustainability and social impact in addition to generating revenue.

The four projects for summer 2022 are:

  • DetectIV, which seeks to create an artificial skin patch that improves the safety of providing IV fluids and medications to newborns
  • DPEN, Developing a new role of a Registered Nurse Dementia Care Specialist, which is focused on providing high quality dementia care and greater access to dementia-capable healthcare services
  • ConnectMyVariant, a public health initiative that helps patients with hereditary cancer connect with at-risk relatives and those relatives connect with hereditary cancer prevention health care providers
  • Strive, which seeks to enhance engagement and quality of parent-child visits through support, education and early intervention

Fellows will work as a team, each having a primary responsibility for one project but contributing their disciplinary expertise to all projects. Program faculty and staff will guide the fellows through a structured workplan, and fellows will also have access to mentors and subject matter experts to enhance their expertise and contributions to their projects.

Eligible graduate and professional students from all UW schools or colleges are encouraged to apply by the April 1 deadline.

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