Population Health

August 23, 2021

Six new members named to Population Health Initiative executive council

WSix new faculty members have been named to the 30-member Population Health Initiative executive council by President Ana Mari Cauce. They are:

  • Sharon Laing, assistant professor of Nursing & Healthcare Leadership, UW Tacoma
  • Clarita Lefthand-Begay, assistant professor, Information School
  • Magaly Ramirez, assistant professor of Health Systems and Population Health, School of Public Health
  • Judd Walson, professor of Global Health, Medicine, and Pediatrics, Schools of Medicine and Public Health
  • Mayumi Willgerodt, associate professor of Child, Family, and Population Health Nursing, School of Nursing
  • Yong-Pin Zhou, professor of Operations Management, Foster School of Business

These individuals succeed six members who left the council as part of its annual rotation.

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