Population Health

October 22, 2019

Visualizing the lives of people experiencing homelessness and their animals

Poster of a wordcloud superimposed over drawing of a dog and catSparked by a grant from the University of Washington Population Health Initiative, the UW’s Center for One Health Research has created a series of pop-up galleries featuring autobiographical photographs made by people experiencing homelessness with their animal companions.

The center’s photo galleries provide windows into the lives of people experiencing homelessness as they navigate the complexities of getting through their days and nights with a service animal, emotional support animal or pet.

Earlier this year, One Health researchers also tested pilot clinics for including animals in health care services for the homeless. And just this past summer, they joined with veterinarians from Washington State University and Neighborcare Health to establish the One Health Clinic. At the clinic, a person could see a doctor and have their animal seen by a veterinarian.

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