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October 14, 2013

UW Fall 2013 enrollment: Largest freshman class ever

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The University of Washington in Seattle reports its largest freshman class in history at 6,255 students, according to the Office of Admissions.

The class includes 4,211 freshmen who are Washington residents.  The freshman class was drawn from a record number of more than 30,000 applicants, an increase of 16 percent over the previous year. Because of this increase, the admission rate declined from 59.1 percent to 55 percent.

The class includes 3,285 women (52.8 percent) and 2,970 men (47.2 percent).

The freshman class includes students from more than 1,150 high schools around the world. The top three Washington high schools for UW freshmen are Skyline (93 students), Newport (88) and Inglemoor (83). The top three countries for international students in the freshman class are China (687 students), South Korea (75) and Taiwan (70).  International students number 974 or 15.6 percent of the class.

Some 28.3 percent of freshmen when they complete their baccalaureate studies will be the first in their family to graduate college.

The average grade point of entering freshmen is 3.76 and their average composite SAT is 1830. The ACT average composite score is more than 27.

The UW in Seattle also enrolled 1,724 new transfer students this fall, of whom 1,355 attended community colleges in Washington state.  With these new enrollments, the Seattle campus now has 43,762 students, of whom 28,754 are undergraduates.

The freshman class includes 181 African Americans, 1,794 Asian Americans, 74 Hawaiian/Pacific Islanders, 77 Native Americans and 455 Hispanics/Latinos. Overall, the numbers and percentages of under-represented minorities have increased over last year.

The UW Bothell this fall has a total enrollment of 4,604, with 4,077 undergraduates. Bothell has become the largest of the state’s five branch campuses. UW Tacoma’s enrollment is 4,295, with 3,587 undergraduates.  In the total undergraduate population of the UW, 77.1 percent are residents of Washington.