Museology Master of Arts Program


October 17, 2019

Washington Library Association Historical Archives Exhibit

Master’s Project by Sara Cordes (2019)

Come here often? Nonfrequent visitor perceptions of art museums

Thesis by Nicole Claudio (2019)

Healing historic wounds: inclusion in exhibits at state history museums

Thesis by Elaine Carter (2019)

When A Museum Decides to Stop Charging for Admission

Thesis by Catherine Allen (2019)

June 10, 2016

Food for Thought: Emergence of Food-Based Historical Museum Walking Tours

Thesis by Claire Aldenhuysen (2016)

Responsible Tourism for the New Museum: An evaluation of offsite museum travel programs

Thesis by Brianne Baird (2016)

Recovering from Natural Disasters: Helping Museum Employees Return to Workplace Normalcy

Thesis by Amanda Benson (2016)

Does Music Matter to Museum Visitors?: Understanding the Effect of Music in an Exhibit on the Visitor Experience

Thesis by Briana Brenner (2016)

How Can We Talk About It?: Disrupting Heteronormativity Through Historic House Museums

Thesis by Joshua Buckner (2016)

The Social Justice and Societal Impact of Public Programs in House Museums

Thesis by Marianna Clair (2016)

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