Museology Master of Arts Program


November 14, 2019

Connecting Object to Story in Historical House Museums

Project by William Bottoms III (2018)

November 13, 2019

“Engaging Community through Native Plant Gardens at Small Heritage Museums:” Creating an Interpretive Plan for the Log House Museum Native Plant Garden

Project by Valerie Roberts (2019)

June 10, 2016

How Can We Talk About It?: Disrupting Heteronormativity Through Historic House Museums

Thesis by Joshua Buckner (2016)

Warts and All: The Representation and Interpretation of War in Museums

Thesis by Rebecca Harmsen (2016)

Current Science in Museums and Science Centers

Thesis by Paul Martinez (2016)

So We Beat On: How Native Interpreters at Living History Museums Experience Racial Microaggressions

Thesis by Sierra Young (2016)

June 12, 2015

Trailblazing the Concrete Jungle: Museums Utilizing Interpretive Nature Trails in Urban Communities

Thesis by Jimi Hightower (2015)

Interpreting Incarceration: How Historical Prison Museums are Addressing the Social Aspects of Criminal Justice

Thesis by Faithe McCreery (2015)

Location Aware: Museum Mobile Applications as an Interpretive Tool

Thesis by Lauren Messenger (2015)

An Interpretive Master Plan for the University of Washington Botany Greenhouse

Master’s Project by Kathern Nowell (2015)

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