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May 9, 2022

#ExploreSeattle – Sweeping views and sunny days!

Today we have yet another fresh installment of #ExploreSeattle from the exploratory perspective of second year Museology student Libbie Barnes!

April 27, 2022

#ExploreSeattle – Museum Pass Program

Libbie Barnes is back to give her fresh take on #ExploringSeattle and Museum Passes. 

April 16, 2022

#ExploreSeattle – Fremont Sunday Market

Welcome to our our first installment of #ExploreSeattle from the exploratory perspective of second year Museology student Libbie Barnes! Libbie is originally from Austin, Texas, with a BA in Maritime Studies and a minor in Museum Studies with a focus in Marine Archeology. She is currently working at the Center of Wooden Boats in the…

January 10, 2022

The Mind and Mood Matter

Taking care of your mental health in the wake of global collapse By Linda Lee

December 8, 2021

Plant love

The use of Horticulture Therapy as an everyday source of wellness By Linda Lee

March 19, 2021

Museology Community Building

While this academic year has looked different with our students learning in an online environment and zooming in from different places, the Museology Graduate program and its students have worked to build community between students, faculty and staff. One of the ways that community is being built in the program is through our student groups….

June 17, 2019

Curating “Capability”: Taking Risks and Finding Voice Through the Emerging Curator Initiative (ECI)

Author: Maggie DeFranco, Class of 2019 I came into the Museology program as an assistant curator and educator. I also came into the Museology program as a person who was attempting to leave the community trauma of the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting about 3,000 miles behind me. These two aspects of my life, the professional…

January 23, 2019

Power Tools and Powerful Words: A Student Perspective on Exhibition Development

All of the last minute, nervous energy fueled tweaks were completed. The signage was adjusted to perfection, the interactive elements were tested and found to be working seamlessly, and the glass of the display cases was as polished as it ever would be. It was opening night of “If You Have Any Regard for Me…

June 11, 2018

Reflection on the Seminar in Exhibitions Course

–Valerie Roberts, Class of 2019 Exhibits are what first got me excited about working in museums. The animatronic dinosaurs, the dioramas depicting ancient worlds, and the rich history displayed through images and text I experienced as a child that first introduced me to my love of learning and museums. There is something about transforming a…

May 25, 2018

AAM Excellence in Exhibition Label Writing Competition – 2018

–Catherine Wood, Class of 2018 This year I was fortunate to be the sixth student Project Manager for the American Alliance of Museums’ (AAM) Excellence in Exhibition Label Writing Competition. Through this unique partnership I’ve gained practical project management skills, networked with leading museum professionals, and increased my appreciation for exhibit label writing. I knew…

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