Husky 100

January 5, 2017

Apply now for the Husky 100

The Husky 100 recognizes UW students like you who know that education happens inside and outside of the classroom. Through the Husky 100, we want to honor the juniors, seniors, transfer students and graduate students who are involved in activities and work such as mentoring, field research, community organizing, internships, caring for family and studying abroad.

We want to recognize students who engage others by organizing a team, a project, an event. The ones who support a cause, a person, a community. Students who prepare for the future by contributing their time, talents and vision.

Who will be the next Husky 100? Will it be you, or someone you know?

Applications are due January 23, 2017! For more information about the Husky 100 award and application, visit the Husky 100 website.