HMC Department of Surgery

Welcome to Harborview Medical Center’s General Surgery, Trauma, and Critical Care Programs

Harborview Medical Center is located in downtown Seattle and is one of the main training sites of the University of Washington’s School of Medicine. Teaching future physicians and surgeons has been the heart of our academic mission since the first graduating class in 1950.

Being the only Level 1 Trauma Center in our region, Harborview provides a unique training environment. A team approach is emphasized and during your rotation here, you will have the opportunity to work alongside colleagues from other surgical programs in the city, physicians from other specialties, and individuals training in other disciplines.

Our program is dedicated to providing quality surgical education and patient care in a public hospital setting with tertiary care expertise and resources. We emphasize close collegial relationships between attending surgeons, fellows, residents and staff.

There is ample opportunity for academic enrichment and inquiry and we welcome you to Harborview.

Lisa McIntyre, MD, FACS
Associate Program Director, General Surgery Residency
Director of Surgical Education, Harborview Medical Center


The overall aim of every program is to train you to become a knowledgeable, safe and competent surgeon. These goals – what you are expected to achieve – and objectives – how you are expected to achieve them – are guidelines designed to reflect a series of supervised patient care experiences in a system of graduated responsibility.

Each year at Harborview is designed to present you with a unique set of challenges to help develop your surgical skills in a graduated fashion. Therefore, all seven competency levels in each year must be mastered prior to advancement to the next year of training.

Level-specific competency objectives were prepared by the faculty to give you more concrete examples of the performance standards we expect during each year.

Global Competencies


You will receive onboarding information from the site coordinator prior to the start of your rotation that details the following:

UW Medicine Acct (Activate your account): This is the first step prior to anything else, and needs to be accomplished prior to your rotation at Harborview. We use your demographic information in MedHub to apply for you. When you receive your confirmation, it is up to you to set up your account.  You will receive instructions on how to set up your UW Medicine Accounts.

  • If you are a Program Coordinator from a participating program (Swedish, Virginia Mason, Madigan, etc.) please contact for account access issues.

Badge: If you do not have an HMC badge you will not have access to many clinical areas including the OR and Clinic. Please contact the site coordinator for badging.

Access to OR, ED, Locker Rooms, Clinics.  This access will be attached to your badge. The site coordinator will request this for you.  In the event of a problem, please email

PACS: Access to this application allows you to see radiology images and reads, including those imported from outside institutions. The site coordinator will apply for access for you, once you activate your UW Medicine account


EPIC Training: If you have not rotated at UWMC-ML or HMC within a calendar year you will need to complete the EPIC training modules. You will be provided specific instructions on when and where to complete training. There can be glitches in access to your EPIC access, so a best practice would be: If you have not yet been to clinic at Harborview, and know you have completed EpicCare training, you might want to take a moment and test your access to the application.


Pagers: Those of you coming from Madigan will want to use an HMC loaner pager while here, so number is not long distance.  Bring with you a check made out to the Department of Surgery for $50.00.  We will hold onto the check and return it to you when the pager is returned.