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Memorials on campus

A tribute gift is a meaningful way to convey sympathy to the bereaved, memorialize a loved one, commemorate a special occasion or honor a person’s life and accomplishments.

Cherry blossoms on the UW Quad. Photo by Katherine B. Turner/ UW

Memorial benches and trees provide an opportunity to commemorate your loved ones and beautify the UW campus. Memorial Trees can be dedicated with a gift of $7,500 to help procure and plant the memorial tree. Memorial Benches can be dedicated with a gift of $7,500 which helps offsets the cost of procurement and installation of the bench and the plaque.

Together we will work with you to:

  • Find a space on campus for your bench or tree.
  • Arrange to have space reserved if you wish to have a dedication or planting ceremony.
  • Add your gift to a public database which states location of memorial, and the person honored/memorialized.

If you would like to establish a memorial bench or tree, please contact Contact Grounds Management to request a memorial bench at 206-255-0645 or

If you choose to make your payment online ($7,500 for a tree, $7,500 for a bench) please include the name of the honoree and your phone number so we may follow up with you.  Thank you.