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Your stunning support is instrumental to the success of UW students and faculty as they learn, discover and engage in work that is transforming the world. Here are just a few of the stories that share a common, purple thread illustrating the tangible impact of your support for people who are daring to do more and make a difference.

Scholarships allow student to follow her passion

ASA New Photo 1When Dawn started college, nursing seemed like the right, and safe, degree to pursue. Once she graduated, her income would be enough to pay off student loans and provide a comfortable living. Yet after her first quarter at the UW, Dawn’s plans began to change. Thanks to scholarships she was empowered to “live passionately” instead of scraping money together to pay tuition quarter by quarter.

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Engineering fellowship makes dreams come true

Jeff Richards

The soccer field was Jeff Richards’ first laboratory. That’s where his father would launch a toy rocket 300 feet into the sunny Akron, Ohio sky. A small parachute would deploy and the rocket would float softly to the ground with Jeff and his siblings scrambling to retrieve it, asking their dad to do it again — and to explain how it worked. “I got exposed really early on to math, science and the outdoors because my dad was an engineer and my mom was a geologist,” says Jeff, a William and Marilyn Conner Fellow in Chemical Engineering.

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Scholarship helps UW junior reel in research from the deep

gardner-283x300Snailfish aren’t exactly the darling of the deep ocean. Long and pink, with a gelatinous coat that makes them more squishy than scaly, the females have a curious habit: they unceremoniously inject their eggs into the body cavity of Golden King crabs. Junior Jennifer Gardner suspects it’s a small quirk of nature that could have a large impact on Alaska’s crab fishing industry. Thinking about the bigger picture is what inspired two fellow fish enthusiasts — Georgiana Stanley and Robert William “Bill” Peterson, ’77 — to support Jennifer’s passion.

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