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UW implementing a five percent assessment on select current-use gift

University of Washington leadership and the UW Board of Regents have authorized a gift assessment to be applied to select current-use gifts, effective July 1, 2018. The assessment is 5 percent upon receipt and applies only to contributions over $1,000 and under $5 million.

Under the direction of the provost, the assessment will provide ongoing, essential funds for the UW’s mission, including advancement efforts and emerging priorities in support of the UW’s drive to be the greatest public university in the world as measured by impact.

“One hundred percent of all gifts will continue to advance the UW’s mission and support students, faculty, research and so much more,” UW Foundation Board president Pete Shimer said. “And this will ensure the momentum of the Be Boundless campaign continues into the future, benefiting an entire new generation of students and all those the UW serves.”

He noted such assessments are customary at most non-profit organizations and among the UW’s peer institutions.

About 2 percent of the UW’s 150,000 donors made contributions that would have qualified for the assessment in 2017.