Novel coronavirus information

March 30, 2023

Face coverings continue to be required in UW healthcare facilities after April 3

The University of Washington will continue to require facemasks in healthcare and clinical facilities after the statewide healthcare mask order from the Washington State Secretary of Health ends on April 3, 2023. This decision is in alignment with UW Medicine’s medical facilities, our public health partners and other local health systems. Face covering requirements and recommendations will be reassessed at the end of June.

Facemasks will continue to be required in UW Medicine medical facilities and other University healthcare settings, such as Hall Health Center, the School of Dentistry, clinical research settings, and on UW Shuttles serving healthcare facilities. Read the full list of locations where facemasks continue to be required on the Face Covering Policy webpage.

In all other indoor University settings (where facemasks are not required), masks are currently recommended based on the COVID-19 Community Level. The University’s face covering requirements and recommendations are informed by high COVID-19 vaccination rates at the UW and the COVID-19 Community Level framework for our broader communities.

Visit the University’s Face Covering Policy webpage for more information.

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