If you are currently experiencing COVID-19 symptoms, please stay home and follow the instructions for what to do if you feel sick.

The Washington State Department of Health has released an estimated timeline for when different populations may be able to receive COVID-19 vaccines.

At this time, UW Medicine employees should consult the priority schedule for UW Medicine personnel. All other UW community members in Washington should monitor the Washington Department of Health site for the latest information on vaccine prioritization and availability. Community members currently living outside of Washington should consult the relevant health department(s) for your area.

What we know about COVID-19 vaccination in Washington

  • Right now, the state estimates that vaccines will be available in mid-January to people ages 70+ and people ages 50+ who live in multigenerational households.
  • Both of the currently available vaccines from Moderna and Pfizer are equally safe and effective.
  • Getting vaccinated will help end the pandemic, but it won’t be an overnight change. We will still need to follow other prevention measures such as wearing masks, washing our hands and watching our physical distance.

Estimated timeline for COVID-19 vaccine availability to Washington residents

On Jan. 6, 2021, the Washington Department of Health announced the prioritization for residents in Phase 1 tiers, with information on eligibility for subsequent phases to be announced later. Washington residents can visit FindYourPhaseWA.org to find out if they are eligible to receive a vaccine in a given phase/tier.

Washington vaccination Phase 1 - see pdf link for accessible versionPDF version