Novel coronavirus information

March 25, 2022

Mask guidance for the start of spring quarter

Masks will become optional inside most University facilities starting March 28, though the University strongly recommends that you wear a face mask for the first two weeks of spring quarter. Anyone who wishes to wear a mask throughout the quarter is encouraged and welcome to do so. 

You may be asked by other people, or may ask other people, to wear a mask while around each other. While you are not required to wear a mask, please remember that other people may need to or choose to wear — or not wear — masks for a wide range of reasons. It is important to be clear, in any request, that masks are optional and that wearing a mask or not will have no impact on professional or academic evaluations, including grades. 

Learn more in FAQs that address situations that students, instructors and staff may encounter. 

Thank you for respecting each other’s needs and choices.