Novel coronavirus information

October 28, 2021

COVID vax requirement: Your winter enrollment is on hold (Message to students)

This message was sent to:

  • all UW students who have not yet uploaded the required documentation to verify their COVID-19 vaccination status.
  • all University of Washington students who have not yet verified their COVID-19 vaccination status.

Dear Students,

If you’re receiving this message, it means that the UW does not have a completed record of your vaccination status as part of the University’s COVID-19 vaccine requirement. You will not be able to register for winter quarter until you upload your vaccination documentation or medical/religious exemption request.

If you are vaccinated

All vaccinated UW students must now upload vaccination documentation, such as a vaccination card or other vaccination record.

  • If you previously completed your attestation, simply upload the documentation.
  • If you have not yet completed your attestation, you can do so when you upload your proof of vaccination.

All vaccination documentation will be reviewed by Hall Health Center staff. You will only be contacted if there are issues or questions about your documentation. Students who submit false or inaccurate information on an attestation or as part of the vaccine verification process are subject to disciplinary procedures that can include dismissal from the University.

If you are requesting an exemption

Students with a medical condition or deeply held religious belief that prevents them from receiving an authorized COVID-19 vaccine must complete an updated COVID-19 Medical or Religious Exemption Request. This information is collected separately from the student verification form to allow for appropriate review by Hall Health Center staff.

Philosophical exemptions are now prohibited by the state. If you previously submitted a philosophical exemption, please get vaccinated and verify your vaccination status, or submit a medical or religious exemption request.

All documentation will be reviewed and approved by Hall Health Center staff. If you are requesting an exemption, Hall Health will follow up with you directly. You should attend classes as normal during the review period, except if you are feeling sick or experiencing symptoms, and will be able to register for classes.

Importantly, all students receiving an exemption:

  • Will be required to be tested for COVID-19 weekly and upload proof to Hall Health. Instructions on weekly testing will be provided after review and approval of your exemption
  • May be subject to additional public health and safety measures
  • Will be referred to their campus’ student conduct office for potential disciplinary action if out of compliance with the requirements above.

Again, students who submit false or inaccurate information on a verification form or exemption request are subject to disciplinary procedures that can include dismissal from the University. And health sciences students should continue to follow the processes and deadlines of the Health Sciences Immunization Program.

If you have questions, please reach out to Hall Health Center at

Thank you,

Hall Health Center