Novel coronavirus information

September 20, 2021

FAQ: Which campus buildings will be unlocked for autumn quarter?

As we prepare for in-person instruction this autumn, we’re highlighting some of the questions and answers in the COVID-19 frequently asked questions of greatest interest to the community.

Due to the ongoing pandemic, most UW campus buildings will remain accessible only to UW students, faculty and staff for autumn quarter. Please check directly with the building or service that you wish to visit to find their opening hours and policies.


Buildings with general assignment classrooms will be unlocked and accessible during instructional hours. Individual units and departments will determine days and times of instruction in departmentally-controlled spaces and provide that information to UW Facilities to ensure access to these spaces.

Individual units or departments interested in opening their buildings to members of the public and/or for extended hours should work with their building coordinators to inform UW Facilities and the UW Police Department. Please allow at least one week for these changes to take effect.

If a building is not fully open during instructional hours, access is limited to those with keys or keycards. Building coordinators may also request that buildings be open to anyone with a valid Husky Card.

For more information, visit the UW Facilities building locking/unlocking and building access and keys pages.


Buildings with classrooms will be open during scheduled class hours.


Main entrances to academic buildings will have unlocked doors during scheduled class hours. Other entrances, and access to academic buildings outside classroom hours, will be via Husky Card for students, faculty and staff. Signage will indicate those entrances requiring Husky Card access.
For more information on Husky Cards, visit the UW Tacoma Registrar Husky ID Card page.