Title IX

December 16, 2019

Anticipating Title IX Rules from U.S. Department of Education

There is speculation that the Department of Education will be releasing final Title IX rules early in 2020. If and when final rules are released, the Office of the Title IX Coordinator will work quickly to review and provide a general overview of the rules and implementation timeline. We will also schedule and announce opportunities…

October 29, 2019

November Title IX Community Conversations in Bothell, Seattle and Tacoma

Join us for a conversation about the community impacts of sexual assault, sexual harassment and other forms of sexual misconduct. What rights, resources and options are available to people who have experienced sexual misconduct? What can bystanders do to intervene and prevent harm? What happens during a University investigation? How can we better support the…

March 19, 2019

UW Community Conversations at Seattle, Tacoma and Bothell

The University of Washington has submitted a response to the proposed Title IX regulations and is now preparing for what comes next. Title IX community conversations are scheduled for all three campuses and will include available updates about the federal rule-making process, UW Title IX initiatives around prevention and response, and ideas for providing ongoing…

January 28, 2019

UW submits response to proposed Title IX rules

The U.S. Department of Education postedĀ proposed Title IX regulationsĀ in the Federal Register on November 29, 2018. The University of Washington has analyzed these proposed rules, solicited input from the UW community, and has submitted a detailed response. Additional updates, including opportunities for input and discussion, will be posted here as we learn more about the…

December 8, 2018

Proposed Title IX rules

The U.S. Department of Education posted proposed Title IX regulations in the Federal Register on November 29, 2018. This initiated a notice and comment period with comments due to the Department of Education on or before January 28, 2019. Attend a 2019 UW discussion forum Title IX discussion forums will include an overview of key…