May 6, 2020

Final Title IX Rules Released

The U.S Department of Education posted final Title IX regulations on May 6, 2020, to go into effect on August 14, 2020. The new rules have maintained most of the elements from the proposed regulations (see UW’s response from January 2019), while also including new and amended language.

The Department of Education’s website includes an overview and summary of major provisions, and University personnel are working now to complete a thorough analysis of the over 2000-page final rule document. Additional information will be posted on the Title IX website over the coming weeks providing an overview of our analysis, the likely impact at UW, and opportunities to give input on the University’s implementation of the new regulations.

While we were hopeful that the Department of Education would incorporate more of the feedback provided during the notice-and-comment period, the University of Washington will not lessen our commitment to addressing sexual violence, sexual harassment, stalking, and other forms of sexual misconduct. We will continue to respond to these harmful behaviors – through a variety of appropriate and equitable mechanisms – and we will proceed with new and current University-wide education and prevention initiatives focused on creating and maintaining a culture that does not tolerate violence or harassment.