Community partners


Ways to connect

The UW has several existing opportunities for community partners to plug into. If you can’t find something that meets your needs, contact us directly to learn more.

Business/nonprofit support

Consulting and Business Development Center, Foster School – through the work of student consulting teams and faculty-led business education courses, we grow business revenues and jobs with a focus on businesses owned by people of color, women, LGBTQ, veterans, and those located in under-served communities. (

Evans School’s Student Consulting Labs– consulting teams of skilled Master of Public Administration (MPA) students producing program evaluations, strategic plans, policy analyses, and new program proposals that address the real-world needs of public, nonprofit, philanthropic, and private organizations. (


Citizen science

Coastal Observation and Seabird Survey Team (COASST) – coastal residents and scientists working together to collect, verify, analyze, and communicate high-quality data of direct relevance to scientific understanding of system processes and function, and natural resource management and decision-making. (

Friday Harbor Laboratories– list of opportunities for people in the local community to get involved with important scientific research. Volunteers without formal scientific education or training can, among other activities, gather data for ongoing research. (

Communications and marketing

Consulting Projects, Foster School – student teams work in partnership with businesses to understand their needs and clarify the scope of work. Projects range on topics from foreign market entry strategy to comprehensive marketing plans. (

Communication Leadership Covid-19 Consultancy – help nonprofits and small businesses navigate the challenges of communicating in the face of this pandemic. (


Community-engaged courses – coordinated by the Community Engagement and Leadership Education (CELE) Center, combine service in the community with structured preparation and reflection. Students address the needs and interests of community partners and integrate what they learn with course concepts and ideas. (

Employing and recruiting students

Career & Internship Center – list employment or recruitment opportunities and gain access to UW students, career fairs, and more. (

Career Center @ Engineering – connect students with internships and job opportunities and explore community connections with student groups and capstone projects. (

Foster Career Services – connects businesses and organizations with business school students through events, internships, and recruiting. (

Undergraduate Community-Based Internships (UCBI) – a paid internship program that places undergraduates in non-profit and public sector organizations. (

Local government partnerships

Livable City Year – engages UW faculty and students across multiple disciplines to work on high-priority projects identified by our community partners. We work with communities of all sizes and budgets, and our partnerships can have a broad range of timelines and scopes based on partner needs. (

Youth programming and educational resources

UW Youth Programs directory – find or list great programs for children and youth offered by departments at the University of Washington (

Project SEARCH – employment training package addresses the need for high-quality training so that young adults with autism can gain meaningful employment. (

Partner with us

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Community Engagement & Leadership (CELE) Center

Have an idea for a partnership with the UW, but not sure where to start?

The CELE Center will work to connect you with the right department or people to support your goals.

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