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Airlift Northwest

UWAA members save 10% on annual memberships for UW Medicine’s AirCare program.

With its rugged mountains and beautiful islands, the Pacific Northwest is such an amazing place to live and play. However, what happens if you or your family member get seriously injured in an area far from a hospital?

Your physician or response team may determine that medical transportation by air is necessary. Many insurance plans do not provide full coverage for transport services. UW Medicine’s Airlift Northwest covers your out-of-pocket air transport expenses through the AirCare Program.

Airlift Northwest UW Medicine’s Airlift Northwest program is proud to offer our members in Washington and Southeast Alaska a discounted annual membership for the AirCare program: $69 for Washington residents and $89 for SE Alaskan residents ($10 off the regular price). Learn more about Airlift Northwest.

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