Office of Educational Assessment

Understanding Score Statistics

This report is a summary of all scores computed by this scoring run, or saved in bookkeeping. One report is provided for each scoring run, as well as after transformations.

Sample Score Statistics Report (12K PDF)

This report includes:

Column Heading Description
Score Name name of score
Number of Students number of students for whom score is available
Average Score mean score value [(SUM of X)/N]
Standard Deviation dispersion of obtained score values, SQRT[SUM(X-Mean) 2 /N]
Largest Observed Score Largest Observed Score
Smallest Observed Score lowest score value obtained

Student update information is shown at the foot of the table:

  • New Students (Complete Id #): the number of tests scanned which had complete IDs that didn’t match any existing ID in the bookkeeping file.
  • New Students (Error in Id#): the number of tests scanned which had incomplete IDs (ID’s which included blanks or multimarks).
  • Total New Students: the total number of new students (tests with unrecognized IDs, either complete and incomplete).
  • Total Updated: the total number of records updated in the bookkeeping file. This is the same as the total number of answer sheets scanned in the current batch.
  • Total Students Saved: the total number of student records saved in the bookkeeping file for the current quarter. This may exceed the actual number of students, due to errors in student IDs.

Note that student IDs are seven-digit numbers taken from the box labeled Student Number on the answer sheets. Students who have not filled in a response bubble for each digit will have incomplete IDs.