We provide food assistance to members of the UW community.


UW Food Pantry

Poplar Hall 210
1311 NE 41st St.

Bring your own bag!  We do not provide bags any longer, striving to be as sustainable as possible.

Spring Break, Week of March 20, 2023:

Monday 1 pm – 6 pm

Thursday 1 pm – 6 pm

Spring Quarter 2023

Monday 12 pm – 7 pm

Tuesday 12 pm – 7 pm

Wednesday 12 pm – 7 pm

Thursday 1 pm – 4 pm

Please note: Check the UW Food Pantry Instagram account for unanticipated closures that deviate from posted operating hours.  On occasion things come up and we are not always able to fully staff the pantry as needed to remain open.

Given the improvements in public health and safety conditions since the beginning of the COVID pandemic, the UW Pantry has now transitioned to a hybrid shopping format. Visitors may shop in person or place orders online for pick up.

In-Person Shopping:

Visitors independently create their own basket on-site at the Pantry, with assistance from staff and volunteers if needed.

The UW Food Pantry provides UW students, staff and faculty with shelf-stable groceries and seasonal fresh produce for no cost. Proof of Husky ID (photo is acceptable) is required to shop for others beside yourself. In-person shopping does not require any advance orders. Visitors may come to the UW Pantry at any time during business hours and select their own items. Point value cutoffs (12 for individuals; 17 for parents and caregivers) will still be implemented at checkout. Visitors will still have access to  ready-to-eat items, UW Farm produce, caregiver and menstrual products, and fresh bread (if available) for zero points. Please bring reusable bags to carry your items.

Online Orders:

Order Food Online

Online Orders: must be placed before 11am on the day of pick-up. For example, any order intended for pick-up on a Monday must be placed before 9:30 am on that specific Monday. Orders placed after 9:30 am will not be prepared; visitors will instead be asked to complete their shopping in-person. Orders placed after 9:30 am will still be accepted and prepared if the selected pick-up day is after the order day. These orders will ONLY be available for pick-up on the selected pick-up day and will NOT be available on the order day (if the order time is after 9:30 am). Visitors may pick up their prepared baskets on their selected pick-up day, as well as any ready-to-eat items and produce items. At check-out, visitors may exchange NO MORE than two (2) items from their prepared basket. If you would like to exchange more than two (2) items, you will be asked to select your new items yourself via self-shop.

Bring your own bag!  We do not provide bags any longer, striving to be as sustainable as possible.


Any Hungry Husky relies on volunteers who are committed to ensuring every community member has access to healthy and wholesome food. Volunteers work with customers, stock shelves and support campus food drives.

Please fill out this form to join the Pantry volunteer team.  To volunteer as a group (RSOs, Greek chapters, etc) please email uwpantry@uw.edu to inquire about opportunities.

Volunteers are required to complete a short training course. Opportunities are filled on a rolling basis.

Connect with us



Email: uwpantry@uw.edu

Relieving food insecurity

In a recent study of UW students, 20% indicated they “sometimes” or “often” ran out of food and did not have enough money to buy more. Food insecurity negatively affects physical, mental and emotional health, making it difficult for people to perform well at school and work. Any Hungry Husky relieves this issue by providing nutritious, wholesome food to anyone in the UW community.

Food security grant

If you are in urgent need of food you can apply for a Food Security Grant and receive $100 on your Husky Card to be used at on campus dining locations and markets.