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Access UW Podcast

Welcome to Access UW

A new audio series brought to you by the Office of the ADA Coordinator! Access UW highlights insightful discussions, informative interviews, and valuable insights about accessibility, equity, and inclusion within the realm of higher education, with experts across the University. Below you can find links to episodes, transcripts, and resources referenced in the podcast. To learn more about the podcast hosts and guests, click here to read their brief biographies.

Episode 6: What is Section 504?

In this episode, we dive deeper into the past, present, and future of Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, marking its 50th anniversary. ADA Coordinator Bree Callahan and Disability Studies Professor Heather Evans delve into the law’s history. They discuss the challenges in its implementation, the role of disability rights activists, and the law’s ongoing importance, particularly in shaping discussions around inclusion and digital accessibility in higher education.

Episode 6 Resources:

Episode 5: ‘Nothing About Us Without Us’ featuring Dr. Jaipreet Virdi

Meet disabled historian, researcher, and scholar, Dr. Jaipreet Virdi! In this episode of Access UW, we get to sit down with Dr. Virdi to reflect on her Public Lecture at the UW, her work as a disabled historian, and the importance of the historic slogan ‘Nothing About Us Without Us.’

Episode 5 Resources:

Episode 4: Exploring UW Disability History

Explore the rich and resilient history of disability activism at the UW Seattle campus! In this episode, recent Disability Studies graduate, Toby Gallant, highlights their 50-year archival research titled “Breaking Barriers: A History of Disabled Resilience at the UW Seattle.”

Episode 4 Resources:

  • A link to this episode’s transcript can be found here.

Episode 3: Disability as a Diversity Perspective

Meet socio-legal scholar and UW faculty member, Heather Evans! In this episode of Access UW, Bree interviews disability advocates, Heather and Toby, on how disability is a critical facet of diversity, equity, and inclusion.

Episode 3 Resources:

Episode 2: Understanding Accommodations at the UW

Meet UW graduate and disability advocate, Toby Gallant! In this episode of the Access UW series, Toby converses with Bree Callahan to provide clarity surrounding the accommodation processes for staff, students, faculty, and visitors with disabilities at the UW.

Episode 2 Resources:

Episode 1: Introduction to the Office of the ADA Coordinator

In the first installation of this podcast series, meet the UW ADA Coordinator, Bree Callahan! In this brief discussion with Bree, she delves into the role, function, and importance of the Office of the ADA Coordinator in ensuring accessibility and inclusion for the UW tri-campus and medical system.

Episode 1 Resources:

  • A link to this episode’s transcript can be found here.