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August 2006 - Current status of UW Calendar and this website:

The UW Calendar project has evolved into Bedework. Please see the Bedework website for current code and updates. We will continue to keep this website up as an archive of the status of UW Calendar as of August 2006.


"I've heard smart people say that calendaring is very difficult, and the existing standards are impossible to implement. I'm sure I've said similar things myself, and I suppose I will say them again in the future. Nonetheless, I think collectively we are smart enough to do it, and, we need to do it. This will be an open source effort. This means we are actively looking for people and institutions to help us develop it. This also means, per Eric Raymond's famous dictum, we are releasing early and often: the code will undoubtedly need some work, even to do something as basic as working with IBS's uPortal calendar channel. On a positive note, the uPortal effort shows that the higher education community can collectively create a major piece of software. I'm optimistic we can do the same for calendaring."

-Greg Barnes, UW Software Engineer

There are a lot of areas to contribute to the UW Calendar Open Source Project. Some of the most desirable features include:
  • A simple suite of tools to turn the database into a calendar server. Importing and exporting events in iCal or an XML equivalent via e-mail, the web, the command line, or through a Java library.
  • Recurring events. Support for this is in the database, but not currently in the software.
  • Event notification. This can be done via e-mail, in a channel in the portal, or in other ways.
  • More frontend applications. Many applications can be built on the calendar server, including programs to synch the calendar with handheld devices.
  • Group calendaring. Events that are visible to a subset of people.
  • Continuing work on the public calendar's web interface.
  • A free uPortal calendar channel, possibly based on the current MyUW channel.

See the requirements document for a complete list of planned features.

Authors of significant contributions are required to sign a Contributor's License Agreement. See the Legal Notices section for more details.

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