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August 2006 - Current status of UW Calendar and this website:

The UW Calendar project has evolved into Bedework. Please see the Bedework website for current code and updates. We will continue to keep this website up as an archive of the status of UW Calendar as of August 2006.

Who We Are

  • Greg Barnes   Greg is a software engineer at UW. He is the project manager, architect and lead programmer on UW Calendar and the project manager for UW Calendar.
  • Leman Chung   Leman is a software engineer at UW. He is currently working on the public calendar entry screens for UW Calendar.
  • Mike Douglass   Mike works for Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute and brings more than 30 years of programming experience to his work on the UW Calendar. His experience began with mainframes, at the operating system level up through applications, then Modula-3 and eventually Java. For the last few years he's worked in the Java world and lately almost exclusively in the J2EE/JBoss world developing a CMS for RPI as well as the calendar and other applications.
  • Scott Heyano   Scott is a software engineer at UW. He is currently working on the iCal interfaces to UW Calendar.
  • Ellen Jensen   Ellen works for UW as an Assistant Director, manager of the UW Calendar. She has extensive experience managing and coordinating software development projects.
  • Arlen Johnson   Arlen is a Web Producer for Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. With an MFA in Electronic Art and a background in graphic design, music, and animation, he develops and supports enterprise web applications with particular emphasis in user interface design and XML, JSP & Java development in the J2EE environment.
  • Rita Johnson   Rita works for the UW and is currently maintaining the UW Calendar Project web pages.
  • April Ryan   April is a graphics designer for UW. She helped design the look and feel of UW Calendar, and we anticipate she would perform any similar work on UW Calendar in the future.


UW Calendar was developed by Computing & Communications personnel at the University of Washington, based on the WebCal web calendaring program.

Thanks to Xavier Lawrence and Jahia Software for their work on synchronization and JSR 168 portlets.

Additional thanks to Jacob Dolan, Clay Gravelle, Cameron Mallory (University of Washington), Beau Patrette, Daniel Perez, and Satish Sekharan (Memorial University of Newfoundland).

UW Calendar includes software developed by the Apache Software Foundation.


Two mailing lists have been established for the UW Calendar Open Source Project, one for users and one for developers. To post a message to the users list, send email to calendar_users@u.washington.edu.

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