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August 2006 - Current status of UW Calendar and this website:

The UW Calendar project has evolved into Bedework. Please see the Bedework website for current code and updates. We will continue to keep this website up as an archive of the status of UW Calendar as of August 2006.

CVS Repositories

You can download the most current source code from an Internet-accessible revision control system called CVS. See the CVS website for more information. You can find the CVS client program there as well.

The CVSROOT for anonymous access is:
It is usually easiest to set this in a shell variable.
sh$ CVSROOT=:pserver:anonymous@webiso-cvs.cac.washington.edu:/usr/local/cvsroot
$ export CVSROOT
csh% setenv CVSROOT :pserver:anonymous@webiso-cvs.cac.washington.edu:/usr/local/cvsroot
Login with the shell command:
$ cvs login
(the password is anonymous.)

This project's name is calendar2 (the old version is calendar). You can retrieve the source, for example, with the shell command: (all one line)

$ cvs checkout calendar2

If you are a committer (you can write to the CVS repository), you should read about CVS branching in the UW Calendar project.

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