UW Rome Center

Computing and A/V Resources

Student computer lab

The UWRC student computer lab is located in the same room as the library, on the fourth floor of the Rome Center.  It is equipped with 12 late generation desktop workstations (both Macs and PCs), connected to a high speed network, laser jet printers, scanners, and a photocopier.  Students may also check out portable devices such as laptops, video cameras, and projectors for course-related projects.

The student computer lab is open  Monday-Friday 8:45 AM to 1 AM with some weekend hours as needed.  Since the lab is intended primarily for academic use, please not count on unlimited access for personal email or web browsing.

Faculty room

The 3rd floor faculty office provides PCs, Macs, printers, scanners, photocopier, and work spaces for faculty and teaching assistants.

Wireless access

There is password protected wireless access throughout the UWRC facility.

Plugging in electrical equipment

Most power sources for laptops and other devices have built in universal power converter that changes the electrical current from 110V (U.S.), and you will only need a plug adaptor in order to insert the US plug into the Italian round-prong outlet. Plug adaptors can easily be bought in Italy; the UWRC office sells them for 2.50 euros.  Before coming to Rome check that your devices indicate “Input: AC 100-240 V”.

Computer repair

Bring your system install discs, any software, and serial numbers you might need in case your computer crashes. The Rome Center cannot provide software, and English-language versions of popular programs and operating systems are not always easily found in stores. The Rome Center office can provide names and addresses of computer repair shops in Rome.