UW Rome Center


The Rome Center combines the charm of an historic palazzo with the convenience and technology of a modern academic facility in over 14,000 square feet of living, instructional, and support facilities organized to serve a range of needs. Take a video tour.


Studios & classrooms

The Rome Center has both large and small rooms which can serve as either classrooms, studios, or meeting rooms accommodating from 12-30 people or workstations per room.

Conference room

Conference room

The Conference Room has a beautifully frescoed high beam ceiling. It includes a full-size screen, sound system, multi-region DVD player, and digital video projector. With a seating capacity of about 100, this room is a lovely and functional setting for large group meetings, lectures, and reviews/exhibits of student work. It is also a venue for special events and international academic conferences.

Faculty room

Faculty room

The faculty office has PCs, Macs, printers, scanners, photocopier and work spaces.  There is wireless internet access throughout the UWRC facility.

Tower & lounge

The Tower, enclosing a small room in the remains of the Palazzo’s medieval tower, is a quiet area for studying. The adjacent room serves as a Student Lounge and is also know as the “Prow” after its location on the site once occupied by the temple of Venus, which protuded from the Theater of Pompey like the prow of a ship. This room is open to all students as an area to meet and study.

Library and computer lab

& student computer lab

The Library contains a growing collection of books, periodicals, and films on DVD. While in Rome, students and faculty have access to the same online UW library resources as on campus.

The student computer lab is equipped with 12 late generation desktop workstations (both PCs and Macs) connected to a high speed network, laser jet printers, scanners, and a photocopier. Students may also check out portable devices such as laptops, video cameras, and projectors for course-related projects.




The Rome Center has several apartments for faculty, fully furnished with private bathrooms and kitchens. The units can be rented by UW associates for non-program use between academic terms. Faculty and students are also housed in rented accommodations, all within easy reach of the Rome Center (on average 5-25 minute walk). Apartments range in size and amenities; all include kitchen facilities and internet access.