October 2014


  • Three new, more specific, attachment file types have been added to the Subcontract Action for FFATA documents, replacing the previous single “FFATA” option. The new values are: FFATA Report For Grants, FFATA Collection Form, and FSRS Filing Confirmation.
  • The date fields on the Subcontracts search page were relabeled to more clearly indicate the date value search criterion.


  • The “SA Reporting Date” field on the Subcontracts tasklist and search page has been relabeled “SA Issue Date” to match the field labels used in the Subcontract Action itself.
  • The “SA AssignmentDate” field has been added as an available column on the Subcontracts tasklist and as a searchable field on the Subcontracts search page.
  • An issue in SPAERC that triggered an error when a user’s default filter for the Subcontracts tasklist included an “SA Status” has been fixed.
  • An issue in SPAERC that caused the “Cost Share Amount” field in the FA Notification PDF to display after the Cost Share question had been changed from “Yes” to “No” has been fixed.