March 2015

SPAERC Subcontract and Subcontract Action Updates

  • A new Subcontract Title field has been added to Subcontract shell in SPAERC so that the OSP Subcontracts team can more easily identify particular subcontracts by name.
  • Two new fields related to subrecipient DUNS number have been added to the Subcontract shell in SPAERC in order to aid reporting on subcontracts to the federal government.
  • The Subcontract Action (SA) section in SPAERC was redesigned to make it easier for the OSP Subcontracts Team to monitor high-level details about each SA, and then expand an accordion to view and edit the details. Design features developed for the Grant Runner Detailed Budget were leveraged to foster a consistent experience throughout the SAGE Suite.
  • Subcontract Actions (SA) in SPAERC are now identified with a unique SA ID to aid the OSP Subcontracts Team in identifying particular actions more easily in task list searches and in reporting. The SA ID will be visible in the subcontract actions section, on the subcontracts tasklist search results by default, and in the available columns section of the tasklist.
  • New fields for Place of Performance have been added to the Subcontract Action (SA) in SPAERC in order to aid reporting of subcontracts to the federal government.
  • The OSP Subcontracts Team will now be able to assign Subcontract Actions (SA) to individual team members so that they can more easily track what each team member is responsible for.  The new “assigned to” field will also display on the subcontracts tasklist as an available column, and by default for the tasklist results template.
  • With the addition of the new “SA Assigned To” field in subcontract actions, the Subcontract Assignment History section has been updated to add a column for “Item Type”. This column will clarify which section — subcontract or subcontract actions — the assignment pertains to.

SAGE Updates

  • Add Time of Day and Time Zone to eGC1 Sponsor Due Date

In order to better monitor and meet proposal submission deadlines, eGC1 preparers will now be asked to provide the specific time of day and time zone for which the applications are due. These fields will display alongside the existing sponsor due date field, and will be required entry.

  • Allow Grant Runner support for special characters

In an early February release, Grants.Gov updated their systems to allow many of the special characters that were problematic with submissions in the past to go through successfully. With this release we are updating SAGE Grant Runner to take advantage of this change as well. Grant Runner will no longer generate a validation error when users enter special characters such tildes, curly quotes, umlauts and other accent marks. This update will result in fewer submission errors and a more accurate read of the intended content.