January 2018 SAGE Grant Runner Release

Human Subjects & Clinical Trials Form Usability Improvements

The following areas were given some fine-tuning and polish, in order to improve the usability of the new Human Subjects & Clinical Trials (HSCT) form:

  • Display a warning message when you change the Human Subjects response from YES to NO on the Other Project Info form, to indicate that HSCT form data will be removed as a result
  • Fix defects related to navigation within the form
  • Improve usability in form display, navigation, and error messaging

Required Fields for Study Import from PDF

When importing a study to the Human Subjects & Clinical Trials form using the fillable PDF, you are now required to complete the following fields at minimum:

  • Study Title
  • Clinical Trials questions 1.4.a through 1.4.d

Obtaining the responses to these questions upon import will better enable the SAGE system to communicate clear form rules and requirements to users through validations and on-screen prompts.

Improved Clinical Trial Required Fields Logic for HSCT Form

SAGE will now use the NIH Clinical Trials Code provided with each opportunity to enable or disable relevant sections on the HSCT form.

The system will also factor in the responses to the four Clinical Trials questions (1.4.a through 1.4.d) on HSCT, to determine when the clinical trials sections should be enabled.

These updates will provide clarity for users on what sections of the form are required and which are not applicable.  The rules are implemented as follows:

  • When clinical trials are NOT allowed per the opportunity:
    • Sections 4 and 5 are disabled for entry, and
    • When you import a study from a fillable PDF which contains entry in sections 4 & 5, any data entered in those sections is removed upon import and will not be included in submission
  • When clinical trials questions 1.4.a through 1.4.d include at least one NO response, then the application is NOT considered a clinical trial, and sections 4 & 5 are disabled for entry

Form Order Update in Left Navigation

Due to the dependencies between forms, the Other Project Information form now displays above the Human Subjects & Clinical Trials form.  This helps you complete the forms is a logical order, thereby reducing confusion when opening the Human Subjects & Clinical Trials form for the first time.

Opportunity Opening and Closing Date Updates

Due to time zone differences and the date/time stamp used by NIH on the opportunities posted on Grants.Gov, the open and close dates were displaying in Grant Runner as one day earlier than on the Grants.Gov and NIH websites.  SAGE now factors in this 3-hour time difference so that the open and close dates display correctly.

Fix:  Application PI Validation on RR Detailed Budget

An issue was resolved which now allows the RR Detailed Budget PD/PI validation to work properly when an Application PI is listed on the eGC1.  The validation will now ensure that the  first and last name of the first PD/PI listed match those  of the Application PI, when present, and as shown on the SF 424.  This is an NIH requirement.

eGC1 Fix:  Printing Draft Routing Sheet Results in Error

Users will no longer receive an error when attempting to print the Draft Routing Sheet from the Certify & Route page of the eGC1.