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To return an Advance Budget Request to campus for modifications, scroll down to the bottom of the Request Summary page. Below the Delegation of PI Approval section are two buttons: Return Request and Mark Setup Complete, as shown below.

advance request buttons to return request or mark setup complete

When you select the Return Request button, a confirmation dialog will display, as shown below.

return advance budget request dialog

Once you have entered the required Return Reason, the Return Request button will be enabled. To cancel out of the dialog, use the Cancel link or the blue X in the upper, right corner.

When you return a request, the item will move to Returned status and will be read-only. An alert message will display at the top of the Request & Submit/Request Summary page with the date of the return and the reason. The following image shows an example of this.

advance return alert message

You can return an action to OSP for changes as long as its status is other than Processed.

Clicking the Return to OSP link on the left navigation menu opens a pop-up window. The read-only section provides information about the action you are working on:

  • Admin Action Number or Funding Action Number
  • Current Status
  • Short Title
  • Principal Investigator
  • Sponsor
  • Budget Number
  • Budget Biennium
  • Current Location

The following image shows this dialog.

return to O S P dialog

You must include comments when returning an action. They will display on the History & Comments page in SERA, and on the OSP Notes page in SPAERC.

Below the Comments field, the “Item will be assigned to” field displays the OSP person assigned.

When you click the Return to OSP button, the action will close and your tasklist will display. You can click the Cancel link to return to the action without making any changes.